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Sunday, February 25 2018 @ 05:19 PM GMT
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Results Ulster Masters 2009 - Lisburn

Shane was the only Trojan masters competitor at the Ulster Master in Lisburn on Saturday the 14th Nov. 2009. He competed in the 50 f/s and produced a respectable 28.12. He pulled out of the 100 f/s as it was just before the 400 f/s where he went 4.41 and was placed second. Well done to all who competed. Full results can be found here.

400 f/s splits
50 31.85
100 1.06.81
150 1.42.89
200 2.18.93
250 2.54.83
300 3.30.76
350 4.06.00
400 4.41.31
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The Wobbly Block

The Wobbly Block is the leading swimming satire website on the internet. It is a reincarnation of the much loved and very humorous adult masters website UpTheBeavers, which was the site for Barnet Copthall Masters. Apparently this website caused offence to some ASA officials, in particular Mr. Colin Brown, director of London Swimming and the "world’s leading expert on what is offensive." Well worth checking out at

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Aer Lingus Results 2009

Marie, the only Trojan masters swimmer brave enough to swim this year's Aer Lingus Masters Gala put in fine performances. She won the 200 f/s and the would easily have won the 100 brs if it hadn't been for her two arm pulls underwater. She pulled out of the 100 f/s citing "lack of team support" as a contributing factor. (I can't be to blame, as I was in China.)


Well done Marie and keep up the good work, only 11 months to Gothenburg.

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Zurich International Masters Meet 2009

I (Shane) was the sole Trojan swimmer at the Zurich International Masters (long course) meet 21st - 23rd August. There was a large number of Aer Lingus Masters at the meet and they made me feel very welcome. This was an extremely well run competition held by Limmat Masters Zurich and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of going next year. Zurich is a beautiful city and has an excellent transport system. The Holiday Inn is only 200m from the pool.


Results: Basically I won the 400 f/s and 800 f/s. 


There seemed to quite a large number of fast distance swimmers at this meet despite the fact that in general the competition wasn't well attended, which was a great pity for the organisers and as I said before it was a very well run meet. I went 10:10 for my 800 which wasn't great. In the 25-29 age group Nicky Lange went a very impressive 8:45, 35-39 Steffen Auhl 9:31, 40-44 Toni Pavicic-Donkic 9:17 and in the 45-49 Michael Kleiber 8:51, this was a new European record. So, incredibly fast distance swimmers.


Full results can be found here on the Limmat Sharks Masters website.

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Results British Masters - Cardiff 2009


As you know the site been down since around March and despite this we have managed to swim on and very successfully too. We have had two competitions: Cardiff and Zürich.


We had 7 competitors in Cardiff this year from 19th - 21st June. Trojan masters broke 6 Irish Records and one of Liz's records would also have been a British record, which is an incredible achievement.


Pics from Cardiff are available in the Gallery.


Individual Trojan results are as follows:


(Full results can be found here)



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