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Who Are We!


If you are interest in Trojan masters, we are a small group of five masters swimmers (all former competitive swimmers) who usually travel together to competitions in Ireland and the UK. We have competed at European Masters Championships (Stockholm and Slovenia) and World Masters Championships (Gothenberg) and British gas Masters. However this year three of our group are abroad and we often only see each other at competitions.


We have training in Newpark Sports Centre every morning 07:15-8:30am in a public adult coached session on a pay as you go basis. Depending on our numbers we usually unofficially comandeer a lane or two, training with a few other regulars who don't compete. However newpark is currently closed until Spetember and we are training most mornings in Loughlinstown leisure centre.


If you are interested you are welcome to come down and swim with us any morning. Usually Thursday and Tuesday mornings are the best attended.

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New Irish Masters Swimming Website

A new website for Irish Masters Swimming is now available and will probably be the most up to date place for all things Irish Masters.


Check it out at

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Video Footage - Swimming from Gothenburg

Video link showing all footage from the World Masters Championships in Gothenburg over the last week, the Valhalla swimming arena. Check it out here.

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Liz Cosgrave - Double World Champion

Trojan masters swimmer Liz Cosgrave competing at the XIII World Masters Championships in Gothenburg has become a double world champion in the 100 and 50 back in the 50-54, taking two seconds off her previous personal best in the 100 and 1 second off in the 50. This is a phenomenal achievement. The double makes Liz the most successful Irish swimmer of the competition, well done Liz!

Below is a video of the 100 back. Liz competes in lane 4.

alt : Download

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Worlds 2010 - Results

Ireland was represented at the 2010 XIII World Masters Swimming Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden by 42 Irish competitors.  This is the largest and most successful international Irish swim team ever, with 25 top ten rankings, 5 golds, 3 silvers and 5 bronze medals. Notable performances came from Trojan masters swimmer Liz Cosgrave, double world champion, Botond Solymossy who was the fastest swimmer of the meet and John Cunningham who smashed the championship record among others. (Pictured: Michael O'Kane, Shane Gibney, Andrew Desmond, Carol Cashell and Ray McArdle)


Top ten results are as follows:

Day 1: Saturday 31st July

Dymphna Morris 45-49 800 f/s 2nd 10:18.36


Day 2: Sunday 1st August

Dymphna Morris 45-49 200 b/c 6th 2:51.23

Elizabeth Cosgrave 50-54 200 b/c 3rd 2:53.20

Elizabeth Murray 30-34 200 b/c 9th 2:45.75

Adrian O'Connor 35-39 200 b/c 3rd 2:18.05

Patricia Reilly 50-54 100 brs 8th 1:31.06

Sarah English 25-29 100 brs 9th 1:21.33

Botond Solymossy 30-34 100 f/s 3rd 52.88

John Cunningham 40-44 100 f/s 8th 55.78


Day 3: 2nd August

Tony Morris 55-59 200 f/s 6th 2:21.32

Dymphna Morris 45-49 200 f/s 2nd 2:22.76

Elizabeth Cosgrave 50-54 50 fly 8th 34.17

John Cunningham 40-44 50 fly 2nd 25.96 Championship Record

Tony Morris 54-59 400 IM 3rd 6:00.69

Sara English 25-29 400 IM 4th 5:33.45


Day 4: Tuesday 3rd Aug

Botond Solymossy 30-34 50 f/s 1st 23.53

Elizabeth Cosgrave 50-54 50 f/s 9th 31.75

John Cunningham 40-44 50 f/s 8th 25.68

Dymphna Morris 45-49 200 IM 5th 2:45.49

Sara English 25-29 200 IM 5th 2:37.24

Tony Morris 55-59 200 IM 3rd 2:39.76

John Cunningham 40-44 100 fly 1st 58.22

Patricia Reilly 50-54 50 brs 1st 39.76

Jillian Coll 30-34 50 brs 8th 36.22


Day 5: 3rd August

Relays, no Irish participants


Day 6: 4th August

Liz Cosgrave 50-54 100 back 1st 1:17.41


Day 7: 5th August

Liz Cosgrave 50-54 50 back 1st 34.73


Trojan swimmer Andrew Desmond came 32nd in the 100 f/s, 58th 50 fly, 43rd 50 f/s and Shane Gibney came 20th in 800 f/s 10:10.78, 53rd in the 100 f/s 1:01.25,  37th 200 f/s 2:15.94 and 20th 400 f/s 4:47.82. (splits)

Full swimming results available here.

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Liz - British 'gas' Champion

This year's British Gas Masters Open and Age Group Championships were held in Glasgow from 18th - 20th June, 2010. Trojan was represented by Liz, Marie, Fiona and Shane. Trojan collected 2 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals. Fiona broke the Irish record in the 100 fly with a time of 1:11.08.

Well done to everyone.


Fiona   Liz   Marie   Shane (splits)
 100 brs 6th 50 b/c 2nd 200 f/s 11th 200 f/s 5th
 200 f/s 6th 50 fly 3rd 50 brs 7th 800 f/s 2nd
 100 f/s 11th 100 b/c 1st 200 IM 14th 400 f/s 3rd
 200 fly 3rd 50 f/s 2nd 100 f/s 15th    
 100 fly 3rd IR 200 b/c 1st        
 400 f/s 6th            


Full results here.

What's New

whats new

144 World Records

144 new World Relay Records

introduced by FINA last year (sc & lc)

are mostly still up for grabs and as yet

unclaimed on FINA site!!!





Next Big Thing!

Words Champs, Gothenborg

The World Masters Swimming Championships

to held in Gothenburg, Sweden - 31 July to 6 Aug.


British Masters Glasgow

Glasgow 2010

British Masters Chamionships

this year are to be held at

Tollcross Glasgow 18-20 June.



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